International book fair has opened in Abu Dhabi

Wed, 13.05.2015 22:57

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The event, which brought together hundreds of publishers from 50 countries, has been held for 25 consecutive years, according to the publication Arabian Business.

The Director of the Department of research and publications of the office of Abu Dhabi tourism and culture Mohamed Al-Shehhi said that this year in the UAE came 1181 publishers from Arab countries, Europe, USA, Australia and Eastern Asia. Book exhibition in Abu Dhabi is used as a communicative platform for authors, publishers, experts in the book industry and business, said Al-Shehhi.

The fair will last one week, during this time, visitors can participate in seminars, presentations, theatrical performances and numerous other events.

It is worth noting that this event is a joint initiative of the office of Abu Dhabi tourism and culture and the Frankfurt book fair.


SourceUmma Inform

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