Indian's authorities overthink on ban of muslim divorce

Wed, 12.04.2017 13:57

A 25-year-old Muslim woman allegedly committed suicide in Basti district, 180 km from here on Monday, almost two weeks after being divorced through 'triple talaq'.

Police say that the woman took the extreme step under a bout of depression after her son was taken away by her estranged husband recently.

With triple talaq being one of the most discussed issues in Uttar Pradesh since the BJP government came to power in the State, more Muslim women are coming forward to express their resentment against the practice. While some are taking to social media platforms to draw the attention of authorties, some like Shabnam Nissa alias Shabbo, of Pikaura Chaudhary village of Paikaulia police station in Basti district, aren't able to bear the trauma and take the extreme step.

Shabnam was married to Babbu of Saltuah Digar four year ago. According to her father Jaggan, Babbu divorced Shabnam 15 days ago by uttering ‘talaq’ thrice. She came back to her parents’ house along with her son Farhan.

“Three days ago, Babbu came to take Farhan away, leaving Shabnam behind,” Jaggan said. Shabnam could not bear it and on Monday evening she hanged herself from the fan.

SHO of Paikualia police station, Brahma Gaud said that the immediate reason for Shabnam’s suicide was not triple talaq. She was upset and slipped into acute depression after her husband took Farhan away.

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Source: newindianexpress.com

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