In Ukraine, 2,909 patients have already recovered from COVID-19

Sat, 09.05.2020 11:54

In Ukraine, 2,909 patients have already recovered from COVID-19. This was reported by UNN with reference to the press service of the Center for Public Health.

"A total of 2,909 patients have already recovered - repeated laboratory tests did not detect the virus in the body," - said in a statement.

It is reported that 376 people died as a result of complications caused by the disease, including 19 health workers.

"The majority of the dead are people over the age of 50 (86%)," the statement said.

There are also 10,082 patients on outpatient treatment, including 845 children and 2,343 nurses. A total of 4,628 people needed to be hospitalized, including 181 children and 511 physicians. 190 people, including one child and 17 doctors, needed to be connected to a ventilator.

Source: UNN

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