In Kuwait will host a forum for the International women's day March 8

Thu, 05.03.2015 17:20

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The event will be held under the slogan of women's empowerment, said the publication Iinanews with reference to the head of the coordinating Committee activities Wafu Bakir.

Thus, Kuwait for 3 days will become the center of the beautiful half of humanity. The goal of this summit, according to Wafa Bakir, is to shed light on the reality of women's lives in General.

The summit intends to prove that women are successful partners of men in any endeavor, the newspaper notes.

In turn, head of the Information centre of the forum, and member of the coordinating Committee Maali al Usefi stressed that the event will focus on several key themes, among which the interaction between men and women in the context of relationships, family, work, society, state and the world.

SourceUmma Inform

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