In Crimea less than fourth of building get space heating, other will wait winter

Mon, 30.11.2015 15:03

Energetic blockade of half-island continue.

At the moment for Crimea is effected heat supply system 1336 apartments house, which amounts 23% from muster.

“Further heat supply system require change of limits and power supply mode. There is provided boiler with elaborate production run switch over constant energy savings in Alushta, Dzhankoi, Yalta, Yevpatoriya, Kerch, Sudack, Theodosius, Belgorsk, Bakhchisarai, on Leninist district – town Shelkino and village Lenino, on Krasnogvardeyskiy district – village Petrovka”, communicated ‘Housing and Utilities infrastructure’ Alexander Zhdanov.

As the Minister notes, after action taken the numerous of inline to constant boiler loading is 117. At that, for 94 boiler house is necessary enable operation of producers, which have energy from 20 till 250 kW.

“Accomplishment these require backup personnel foe performance of work on switching over constant diagram and transformation other employer in other consumption mode. Involvement work, heat supply work will be done from the 7th of December”, told Zhdanov.

Recall that the 22th of November, 2015 have been brought emergency mode complimented by blackout electric power system of Ukraine.

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