The attack in Afghanistan

Mon, 10.08.2015 18:50

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Friday, August 7, in the capital of Afghanistan's Kabul rocked by a powerful explosion that blew up a truck full of TNT, according to 24tv.ua.

The tragedy occurred early in the morning. The explosion claimed the life of at least 8 people, over a hundred were injured. In local hospitals deliver dozens of wounded, including many women and children. Most of them residents of a densely populated area.

The Kabul police said that the explosive-Laden truck detonated near a building belonging to the army.

The explosion destroyed dozens of buildings, and parked within a radius of hundreds of meters, the car turned into scrap metal.

Note that for Kabul undermining of the truck is quite unusual, since the city is heavily guarded, and usually filled with explosives trucks can't get beyond the vicinity.


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