In 2015 in Ukraine 17 persons become hurts of racial crimes

Thu, 19.11.2015 19:43

On the press conference “Have Ukraine problems with racialism and anti-Semitism?” was made a statement that Ukraine’s investigate and lawsuit about Racial abuses are not effective, and almost part of hurts didn’t apply to law enforcement.

According to Yana Sahalova, racialism and xenophobia Expert of International Organization for Migration, for the ten months were entered evens 10 coercive actions suspected racialism. As a result 10 persons was the worse for wear.

Among them were foreigners from Nigeria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Syria, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, which representing 76% from all hurts, also Ukraine’s civilians of Tajikand Hebrew extraction and half-bled people.

In Ukraine expressions of violence were entered in 4 cities: Dnepropetrovsk (2), Kyiv (4), Odessa (1), Kharkov (4).

9 hurts appealed to the police, one case was closed. 7 hurts took a pass on law enforcement.

“The reigning feature of crimes owing to petulance are that criminal express own petulance on society, not concrete person”, said Yana Sahalova, “for this very reason, crimes owing to petulance exceptionally dangerous and demand searching enquiry for early warning  against social conflicts”.

From lawyer perspective, Julia Naumenko, who representative hurts from crimes owing to petulance, monitoring of social organization hasn’t entire gamut commission of the crime.

The reasons of this are problems classification of crime owing to racial intolerance, police’s inefficiency work with these cases, also hurts often decline go to the police.

“These problems appeared in two recent developments: junior was beat in underground ‘Pozniaky’, Afro-Americans were beat in Olympic NSK”, told Julia Naumenko.

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