If you take the Ukraine anarchy in Europe can not be avoided - Olivier Vedrin

Mon, 02.03.2015 12:05

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Welcome to UKRINFORM, Mr. wedren. Your name sounds surprisingly familiar. Perhaps you have Russian roots? We know the famous scientist Vydrina. You, casually, not relatives?

Indeed, we are somehow related. We are talking about Dmitry Vydrin, Yes? He is my cousin. But now we are not in the same camp. My family story is quite fascinating. His mother and father told me that we come from Russia and have Cossack roots. When the Cossacks came to France, some of them in France and left. Part of my family is in Russia, one in Ukraine. Vydrin is very such, the Slavic name. Really important for me to emphasize this fact.

So the question arises - what are You, a descendant of Cossacks are doing now in Ukraine, so far from secure, stable and prosperous France?

Because I got the chance to create a business school here in Kiev, Dragomanov University. My partner is a Professor - edit) Viktor Andrushchenko, which agreed to establish this school in accordance with defined standards adopted in the European Union. At first it was quite difficult, because during the system Yanukovych had problems with the former education Minister Tabachnyk. The entire process of creating this business school was inhibited. But after the events on Maidan everything went easier. We were able to bring in the formation of certain European values.

- In Ukraine really have a great need for qualified economists. Who is your target audience?

 - We will give several types of diplomas. The first is a bachelor's degree, the so-called BBA and MBA in business. I focus on young people who can get the basic degree, as well as professionals that can come to us, to participate in seminars and also get a degree. All these diplomas will be double. First we will provide from the French business school, the second will be the Ukrainian diploma. We want our students were educated according to European standards, and was able to work throughout Europe, including Germany, France, Italy ... they will All be part of the Bologna process.

It means that all of your best students leave Ukraine?

"No, I would like to come back to Ukraine and opened the technologies and ways of thinking that are in the EU, to ensure the growth of Ukraine, the formation of this new state, for which we are all now witnessing.

- Sounds good. But the economic circumstances in the country becoming more and more like a natural disaster. From Your point of view, this only happens in the war, which dragged Ukraine? Or is it problem management?

Is convinced that Ukraine is now suffering, and not only because of the war, but also due to the Soviet legacy. This is the "management" that came from the Soviet Union. If Ukraine wants to develop, to become a new state, it must break with its Soviet past. Now the whole management style, including Ukrainian companies came from the USSR. I think that all the problems that exist in Ukraine, one way or another connected with that of the post-Soviet attitude.

But, as You know, Ukraine is engaged in reforms, at least for the past 20 years. It is quite difficult to be successful in dozens of reforms at the same time. What kind of reform, or several reforms that should be implemented first?

Now, from my point of view, you are in Ukraine are dealing with two wars. The first is in the Donbass. This is a war with the Russian aggression and separatism. The second war is the war against corruption. One of the first laws should be about fighting corruption. Another must regulate taxes.

In France, when we pay tax on income, the tax office may require us to confirm and disclose the source of income. If you manage to create a system similar to the French, it will be a huge step forward in the fight against corruption.

Another law must touch the pack and say, well, the renovation of the control system. Now the income of civil servants is very low. It is necessary to increase the income and improve the quality of civil servants, similar to what we have now in the EU. You must create this ??the administration, which helps people and doesn't work against them.

- Recently the subject of an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU was in the shade compared to war. Meanwhile, thanks to this agreement, Ukraine has been able to redirect to Europe's own export flows. But how long the EU will be able to maintain preferential trade regime with Ukraine?

 - In my opinion, this "window of opportunity will remain open for at least a few years. Because Ukraine will not be easy to implement the necessary reforms. I want to give the example of Poland - there it took about 10 years to implement reforms and to become member of the EU. There is a direct analogy between Poland and Ukraine. I am convinced that Ukraine should get ??same treatment as Poland received during the same period. This is the only way to successfully implement the so-called "shock therapy".

We have to fight, because in Russia some activists expect our efforts. We may not be in position "and yours, and ours". We must be either "against" or "for". I'm personally in favour of the EU's values and against the Putin system. It is the awareness of Europe in which there is a place for Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. All European borders should result in the building of the Council of Europe. We have to win here, in Ukraine, it is because we are in favour of such European values. If we lose, it will be anarchy and chaos in the entire European continent.

- I want to tell You two things. First, we will not lose, and it is believe that the Ukrainians. And secondly, You are still an incorrigible romantic.

Dmitry Shkurko


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