Dadaev : I didn't kill Nemtsov

Wed, 11.03.2015 14:12

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Tuesday, March 10, the main suspect in the murder Nemtsov because of his alleged disrespect to Muslims originating from the North Caucasus Zaur Dadaeva visited in jail Lefortovo members of the Public Supervisory Commission of Russia (PMC).

Dadaev refused earlier this recognition in the murder and said that he was dismissed from the armed forces of the Russian Federation through the day after the assassination policy - February 28. "on February 28, came the order for my dismissal, and during the week I'm from hero turned into a dangerous criminal," he said, Deputy commander of the special battalion of the internal troops North Dadaeva journalist of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", which is also a member of the PMC.

According to Dadaeva, he was forced to testify in a plea bargain in exchange for the release of his former subordinate Ruslan Yusupov: "Behold the traces of handcuffs, and this is from the shackles on his feet and chains. Two days spent (shows how he was bound - Ed.), and even with a bag over his head. I saved it. All the while screaming: "You killed Nemtsov?". I answered that no. At the moment of detention, I was with a friend, with my former subordinate Ruslan Yusupov. And they said that if I confess, they will release him. I agreed. Thought it will deliver you, and me to Moscow will take the living.

On January 27 he was on vacation for 2015, within 30 days through February 28. On arrival from vacation he was fired established order and are excluded from the list of military units," said the TV channel "Russia-1" the first Deputy commander of the troops of the North-Caucasian regional command of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Igor Grunow.

At the moment, in fact, arrested five people in addition to Zaur Dadaev, Anzor patrol-guard service, his brother Said the patrol-guard service, as well as hazmat'is and Tamerlan eskerhanov. Dadaev made a confession.

Associate Nemtsov, Ilya Yashin continues to insist on the political version of the murder. In an interview with Spektr, he said: "as for me, the major version is the involvement of the secret service... the Primary beneficiary, the primary beneficiary of the death of Boris Nemtsov still remains Vladimir Putin. And it must be at least questioned as a witness. I can't blame him directly, it is not known who gave the order, but it is obvious that you should search for customers in the government."

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