Human factor was one of reasons of An-26 led to plane crash in Chuhuiv

Wed, 30.09.2020 16:59

The cause of the crash of the An-26 military aircraft in Kharkiv region could be a human factor, lapped with technical malfunctions, said Oleh Urusky, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, head of the government commission to investigate the circumstances of the crash.

"The investigation is considering several different versions of the plane crash. However, it is becoming clear that the technical malfunctions that took place were superimposed on the human factor in its various manifestations," Urusky wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

He also said that work on decoding the flight recorders continues.

"They are in satisfactory condition. Aviation experts are working on them. The completion of the decoding process is expected this week," Urusky said.

In addition, the investigators carried out a number of measures, including the appointment of forensic medical examinations, the seizure of documents on the organization and conduct of flights, the interrogation of more than 40 people who witnessed the disaster.

"At a separate site on the territory of the A4104 military unit, the aircraft fuselage is already being assembled, the wreckage of which was transported there from the crash site," Urusky said.

Source: UNIAN

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