Houthi leaders in Yemen call for protests against UN arms embargo

Fri, 17.04.2015 12:49

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the two pillars of the coalition leading the fight against the rebels are set to start new military manoeuvres on Saudi soil three weeks after the start of air strikes in Yemen.

The announcement comes on the back the UN Security Council arms embargo imposed on Yemen and its allies. Houthi leaders have condemned the UN decision and called for people to take to the streets on Thursday to protest against the UN’s support of what the rebels call “aggression”.

“Of course, such a request is not logical. Now there is aggression on Yemen. Yemen has become a target, both military and civilian, along with its infrastructure. Outside enemies come and demand us to surrender our weapons. Of course this is something that will not happen and is not possible for us to accept,” said Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, Member of the Political Council of the Houthi group.

The conflict is threatening a food shortage in the country according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. It says the crop planting season has been disrupted and cereal reserves could run out in three to four months.


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