Honcharuk: ukrainian Government goal to achieve 40% economic growth is possible

Mon, 07.10.2019 18:09

Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has stated that the goal of the Cabinet of Ministers to reach economic growth of 40% is quite possible.
“Every day [during the previous week] we, together with my colleagues and other ministers, explained to people across the country the goals of the Government’s Action Program. People should know in detail about all our intentions and ambitious plans. I stress again: economic growth of 40% is our common goal. It is real. We need to work a lot to achieve this, so I wish all of us strength," he wrote on his Facebook page.
The prime minister noted that from now on at the end of each week he will report on the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Honcharuk named several important decisions approved by the government over the previous week, in particular, on the introduction of electronic power of attorney for customs inspections, which would minimize corruption component and unnecessary business expenses.

The prime minister also reminded that last week, in order to accelerate the country's economic growth, the government and the National Bank signed a Memorandum on Policy Coordination. “I am grateful to the National Bank for an independent and consistent policy. Our economy is recovering, and inflation is declining,” he wrote.

The head of government also thanked Ukrainian MPs for supporting important economic laws. In particular, he mentioned the adoption of Law No. 1054-1 “On privatization”, which cancels the list of 1,470 enterprises prohibited for privatization, and Law No. 1046 "On concession", which will combine the efforts of the state and business in developing very large facilities.

source: Ukrinform

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