Heads of 6 cities of Ukraine are preparing to present a new political force

Fri, 19.06.2020 13:07

On Friday, June 19, the presentation of a new party of mayors - "PROPOSAL" is to take place. Channel 5 correspondent Hanna Rybalka is on the scene.

The announced participation in the presentation of the political force of the leaders of six cities - Dnipro (Boris Filatov), Mykolayiv (Oleksandr Sinkevych), Chernivtsi (Oleksiy Kaspruk), Zhytomyr (Serhiy Sukhomlyn), Kropyvnytskyi (Andriy Raykovych) and Kakhovka (Andriy Dyachenko).

The party's founders say the new political force must respond to public demand and distrust of the mono-majority.

Source: Liga

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