Half of income of ukrainians are spent on food

Wed, 06.02.2019 14:55

Ukrainians spent 44.5% of their income to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages, on average, in the third quarter of 2018 (Q3), says The State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The average household size in Ukraine is 2.11 persons.

Over the period under review, one household spent UAH 3,332.29 (US$122) per month for food products, the Ekonomichna Pravda online newspaper wrote on February 5, referring to the agency's sample survey of households' living conditions.

The largest share (23%) in the cost structure was meat and meat products, the report said. Bread and bakery products accounted for 15.8% of expenses (UAH 552.71/$20 per month), while milk, cheese and eggs – for 12.8% (UAH 444.45/$16). Ukrainians spend UAH 279.45/$10, or 8% of their income, to buy vegetables, including potatoes, and fruit, the report said. Utility bills accounted for 8% of their income on average, or UAH 601.94 ($22).

As reported, the share of alcoholic beverages was 1.3% (UAH 86.15/$3), while that of tobacco products was 2.3% (UAH 174.19/$6). The share of clothes and shoes was 6.3% (UAH 475.09/$17), health care took up 4.2% (UAH 311.59/$11), transport services held 4.6% (UAH 343.29/$13), recreation and entertainment cost 2.6% (UAH 192.26/$7), education took up 1.3% (UAH 98.70/$4), and 3.8% (UAH 286.19/$10) was paid for restaurants and hotels.

Source: UNIAN

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