Greek Cypriots watch Turkish Cypriot election with interest

Tue, 21.04.2015 14:27

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Euronews correspondent in Nicosia Stamatis Giannisis reported: “For the Greek Cypriot side the Turkish Cypriot election is of great interest, as the victory of any of the hardline candidates may result in a major setback for the political process that may one day lead to the reunification of the island.”

He says the Greek Cypriots are hoping for the election of a moderate and progressive candidate, who can help break years of deadlock.

Larkos Larkou, the Chairman of the Cyprus State News Agency, told euronews: “The major issue for both Greek and Turkish Cypriot society is to acquire a new vision, a new grand plan that will provide the ultimate solution to the Cyprus problem through our participation as a united society in the European Union.”

Political analyst Costas Yennaris told euronews: “The big question is the extent to which Turkey will continue to dictate its political will and its strategic plans to whatever candidate the Turkish Cypriot community chooses to be its next leader.”

Just under 180,000 Turkish Cypriots are eligible to vote. A UN envoy has said he is optimistic that negotiations could resume, even as early as next month.


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