Germany beloved of IS militant may face death penalty in Iraq

Wed, 20.09.2017 11:42

AN ISIS fanatic German girl, 16, may still face execution in Iraq with the country’s PM warning that “'teens are still accountable for killing innocent people”.

Haider al-Abadi confirmed Linda Wenzel could still face the hangman’s noose as he revealed Iraqi judges are deciding what she will be charged with.

Al-Abadi said: "You know teenagers under certain laws, they are accountable for their actions.

"Especially if the act is a criminal activity when it amounts to killing innocent people."

The Iraqi PM said Wenzel is being held at a prison in Baghdad prison after her capture in Mosul in July.

He added that it would be "a case for the courts" to decide if prosecutors will demand the death penalty.

The latest news has her father back in Germany  desperately worried about what will become of his little girl.

Reiner Wenzel said: "I want so much that my Linda comes home again healthy. I will always be there for her."

He added: "I fear for her. The authorities absolutely have to bring her to Germany so that she can get a fair trial."

Linda's father said he had not had any personal contact yet with his daughter since she joined ISIS a year ago.

Wenzel said: "I was however told that Linda was not involved in any acts of war."

The schoolgirl has been accused of involvement with a special brigade which checked whether women were deemed to be suitably covered up on the streets.

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Source: Sun

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