Gazprom threatens to shut off gas to Ukraine

Wed, 25.02.2015 16:29

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ To satisfy the requirements of Ukrainian companies may lead to the termination of deliveries two days later.

"Ukraine are not timely paid for the gas. The agreed advance payment has gas t million cubic meters For the transfer of funds from the "Naftogaz" on account of "Gazprom" takes about two days," Miller said.

"Gas supplies to Ukraine in the amount of applications 114 million cubic meters of gas already in two days, will lead to a complete cessation of the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine, which jeopardizes the transit of gas to Europe," he said.

"Naftogaz of Ukraine" turned in "Gazprom" with the requirement to explain the failure of applications, February 22, previously prepaid gas. The company notes that instead ordered under the contract 114 million cubic meters of gas, Gazprom has supplied only 47 million cubic meters.

In Naftogaz note that at the beginning of February 23, prepaid balance is 287 million cubic meters of gas.

According to the latest data Корреспондент.net from February 21 daily selection of gas to the lowest low of Ukrtransgas.


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