Gas transit through Ukraine grows by quarter after "Nord Stream" maintenance shutdown

Fri, 19.07.2019 12:04


The Ukrainian transmission system operator (TSO) records a 25% increase in daily transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after a complete shutdown of both threads of Nord Stream pipeline for maintenance.

“Gazprom has sharply increased transit volumes through the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) from July 16 after Nord Stream was stopped for scheduled 15-day maintenance. As of 18 July, the request for Russian gas transit through Ukraine was 306.5 million cubic meters per day,” says the company’s statement.

At the same time, Naftogaz stressed that “despite the increased load on the Ukrainian GTS, it still has spare capacity”.

“Ukraine’s GTS has the advantage of flexibility, ramified structure and huge spare capacity. This enables the Ukrainian TSO to perform maintenance and repair works without interruptions of transit,” says the statement.

As reported, as of July 16, gas transit through the Ukrainian GTS amounted to 306.6 million cubic meters, which is 25.3% (62 million cubic meters) more than it was recorded a day earlier.

Source: Ukrinform


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