From doctors to politicians: Ukraine wants to identify the regional elite

Wed, 19.08.2020 15:22

On August 12, a unique project was presented in the Ukrainian capital, aimed at identifying the country's independent elite - people from the regions, activists and public figures. It is known that the project is implemented thanks to the International Expert Club and the rating agency "ElitExpert" and is called the National Rating of Influence "Elite of Ukraine". It will last until October 5.

Representatives of such categories as politics, business, government, public activities, religion, culture, sports, science and education, healthcare and media will be able to take part in the ranking. From 1 to 20 September inclusive, experts will evaluate the candidates, each in their own region.

The nominees will be evaluated by 200 experts. To assess the level of influence, a 100-point measurement scale has been developed, in which experts assess the significance and influence of specific individuals, as well as 10 criteria on which expert assessments will be based, namely:

1. Public recognition and trust;

2. Job status, career growth, success, personal achievements - resources (sources) of influence;

3. Competence and professionalism;

4. Mind, intellect, education, literacy, intelligence;

5. Financial independence;

6. Charity, patronage, volunteering;

7. Patriotism;

8. High moral qualities (honesty, decency, transparency, non-use of their position for their own purposes);

9. Social responsibility (service to people, society), reputational integrity;

10. Ability to achieve goals, independence in decision-making. In addition, in parallel with the expert voting, online voting will also take place from 1 to 20 September inclusive.

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Source: Ukraine in Arabic

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