Free Palestine! Glory to Ukraine!

Wed, 16.07.2014 23:00

On July 17 a meeting of solidarity with the Palestinian people was held in front of office of the United Nations in Ukraine in Kiev.

The action was carried out from 12:00 to 13:00. Therefore, at the hottest time of the day men, women and children, most of whom are fasting (at that moment the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was not completed yet, so the faithful couldn’t eat and drink from sunrise to sunset), a whole hour were standing under the scorching sun without any water. The people who had come wanted to show that they aren’t indifferent to the situation of the Palestinians, especially children, who’re dying under merciless attacks carried out by Israeli army. Also in addition to representatives of the Muslim countries, there were many Ukrainians (mainly women and children).

“This rally is a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are opposed to the barbaric aggression of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River. But it is worth noting that the citizens of Gaza Strip have biggest problems now. These poor people are living in constant fear of incessant bombings and rocket attacks by Israeli side already a second week. An infrastructure, residential areas, clinics and hospitals are inexorably destroying”, - said Said Salam, the public relations spokesman of the organization "Arabic house". Also he told that there are a lot of killed and seriously injured people from Palestinian side and the medical staffs don’t have enough medicines and equipment to save lives. In his opinion, the silence of the international community about situation in Palestine is an evidence of their complicity in Israel's crimes against humanity.

“This poor country during many years is being in Israeli occupation. This is a disgrace to all international organizations. At the twenty-first century it seems impossible and not fit into any views of modern world. But unfortunately it’s a real fact. Palestine is a last occupied country in the world "- says Salam. The only way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the Israel’s recognition of Palestine’s sovereignty and rights of refugees to return to their homeland, they were kicked out in 1948.

“Israel is a UN member state but it’s authorities refuse to comply with the resolutions of the organization concerning Palestine”, - says the representative of "Arab House" May Oda. Let’s recall that a lot of rallies and marches are holding in support of Palestinians at many world capitals


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