Four Ukrainian soldiers killed in enemy shelling near Pavlopil

Tue, 06.08.2019 19:50

Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Tuesday, August 6, after Russian occupation troops fired at the positions of the Ukrainian Joint Forces near Pavlopil, Donetsk region, Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Dmytro Hutsuliak has said.
"At 10:20, Russian invaders started firing from an RPG near Pavlopil. We are sad to announce that according to available information, four of our heroes sustained fatal wounds during today's enemy shelling," he said at a briefing on Tuesday.

He specified that Russian occupation troops had shelled the positions of the Ukrainian Joint Forces twice since the beginning of the current day. At 00:45, Russian-backed forces fired for almost an hour from IFV weapons, grenade launchers, small arms and heavy machineguns near the village of Bohdanivka in Donetsk region, he said.

Source: Ukrinform

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