Flowers to the Turkish Embassy laid in Kiev

Fri, 24.07.2015 15:19

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ On July 22, under the walls of the Turkish Embassy have been laying flowers in memory of those killed in the terrorist attack in the Turkish city of Suruç on 20 July.

Organized by the Crimean Tatar youth centre, previously have already arranged the events in the Ukrainian capital, but, in addition to representatives of the Crimean Tatar community, the rally was also attended by concerned citizen.

Participants first read the Dua in memory of the victims, condemned the terrorism and all its manifestations around the world. The participants admitted that the tragedy of the Turks close to all Ukrainians as Ukrainians know the grief of innocent people - January 13, 2015, militants fired on a bus carrying civilians near the town of Volnovakha in Eastern Ukraine.

According to one of the organizers, the Crimean Tatars just could not miss this event, because the Turks and the Crimean Tatars are two close people.

SourceUmma Inform

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