First lady initiates Ukraine accession to the Biarritz Partnership

Wed, 11.12.2019 17:47

President’s wife Olena Zelenska initiates Ukraine's accession to the Biarritz Partnership to promote gender equality. The First Lady made this statement in her speech at the Third Ukrainian Women's Congress and made a corresponding appeal to the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

"It is impossible to be in a global context and not to pay proper attention, not to take concrete steps in the field of gender equality," the President's wife emphasized.

The Biarritz Partnership was launched by G7 leaders at a Summit in Biarritz (France) on August 25, 2019 under the chairmanship of President of France Emmanuel Macron. The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the responsibility of the G7 and to consolidate efforts of other countries to achieve gender equality.

During her address to the congress participants, Olena Zelenska drew attention to the positive changes that have already taken place to improve the situation of women in Ukrainian society. These include recognizing the priority of gender policy at the government level, abolishing the ban for women to a number of professions, including in the field of security and defense, adopting national legislation to combat domestic violence.

Finally, the President's wife called on those present to unite forces and implement a policy of equal opportunities at all levels of government in collaboration with civil society and international partners. She also thanked everyone who advocates gender equality and continues to build Ukraine of equal opportunities step by step.

Source: President of ukraine

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