Filaret want to renew Kyiv Patriarchate

Tue, 11.06.2019 16:45

Filaret appointed the date of the "council", which he wants to officially resume the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

"We are convening the local council, which will not approve the decision of the council of December 15, 2018. So, it is not mandatory for us. By this, we will show that the Kyiv Patriarchate did and will exist. We will hold the council on June 20," he said before the forum "For the Ukrainian Orthodox Church! For the Kyiv Patriarchate!" the BBC's Ukrainian Service reports.

As the Ukrainian TSN news service reported earlier, while meeting with Kyiv priests behind closed doors, Filaret said the termination of the activity of the Kyiv Patriarchate on December 15 was allegedly invalid, since a separate council of the UOC-KP had to be held before such a decision.

Source: UNIAN

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