Festival against extremism pass in London

Tue, 31.03.2015 22:17

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Muslim youth festival London was the first event of its kind in the world. He gathered students, police officers, teachers and scholars to discuss this question - "how is it today to be a young Muslim in England?". The organization of the festival coincided with when there is a growing fear among the society due to the fact that some Brits leave their country and go to Syria to carry out military operations in the ranks of the terrorist organization "Islamic state", the newspaper notes.

Recently, the government arrested the young men who returned from Syria, another Turkish police have denied entry, rightly fearing that they will join the terrorists.

According to the Imam of the mosque, which is located in London's South Wolford, Dr. Mohammed Fahima, young British Muslims should be proud to live in such a country as England. In his opinion, the country respects the rights of people gives wonderful opportunities and enables them to practice their faith without fear. Meanwhile, Britain's Muslims is perfectly integrated into the society.

This result can be sent after the survey in the country. Besides 95% of Muslims consider themselves loyal to Britain and respect the laws of the country. The study was conducted among 1000 Muslims in Britain from 26 January to 20 February. According to the results, almost all - 95% of respondents said that Britain is their homeland and they betrayed her. However, nearly half admitted that face discrimination on a religious basis, and the country has become less tolerant than before.

SourceUmma Inform

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