Export support center in Odessa is a way to enter global markets

Tue, 10.09.2019 15:36

The stable development of a country in contemporary circumstances Cannot be conceived without its integration into the world economy.Foreign trade is a means of increasing the productivity of resources, increasing the volume of production, and thus the economic growth of the country.

 It is of great importance in defining the trends of the economic dynamics of Ukraine, in which exports occupy a privileged position.=In the Odessa Region there are many companies whose products are competitive, and the production potential far exceeds the local needs of the country.

Entrepreneurs in this field face many difficulties that can’t always be overcome individually.Recognizing the challenges arising from the intensification of export operations, the Export Support Center was launched, a powerful tool to assist current and potential exporters of the Odessa region, and a platform for international cooperation between Ukrainian businessmen and their foreign partners.

If you have made a firm decision to develop your organization's export trend or look for new markets for your products, it is very important that your export strategy is consistent and based on a fundamental market analysis.

Beyond that, there will be no gains or benefits, except to ensure that doing so "is not worth it."To develop exports, the company must have sufficient human and financial resources.However, SMEs often do not have these resources and are initially exposed to errors that prevent them from reaching new markets.

The Export Support Center serves as a guideline for access to international markets, business development and improving the business climate for companies, which has been active since April.

You can get:

- Analysis of enterprise readiness for export projects;

- Assist in building an export strategy;

- marketing research :

- Advice on business, finance and administration.

After only systematic research, we can judge how to improve the business, not only to start exporting, but to persist in the desirable market and work in it effectively.

We are ready to help, open to dialogue, and strive to give new impetus to the development of our region and the whole country!

The doors of the Export Support Center are open to:

Odessa, str. Primorskaya

6-Saturday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00,

Friday from 09:00 to 16:45,

Telephone: +38 (04) 77 77 51737,

Email: info@esc.in.ua,

Website: www.esc.in.ua

Source: Ukraine by Arabic

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