Evacuation from Syria

Tue, 24.02.2015 19:05

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ In order to evacuate the military, Turkish troops crossed the border into Syria. Turkey evacuated from Syria military guarding the tomb of the ancestor of the founders of the Ottoman Empire of Suleiman Shah, located near Aleppo.

In the fall of 2014 action grouping "Islamic state" in captivity 20 soldiers of the Turkish army, which guarded the tomb of Suleyman Shah.

According to Milliyet newspaper, citing military sources, a lot of tanks and other heavy equipment has penetrated into Syria, Kobani and headed towards the tomb of Suleyman Shah that is very close to the border.

According to the news Agency Reuters officials, reported that during the evacuation, one soldier was killed. The details of the operation are investigated.

The Anadolu Agency says that now the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu holds emergency meeting of the government with the participation of representatives of the General staff.

Wide expansion of the IG covered a vast territory of Iraq and Syria, and became one of the most important global challenges of 2014. About 30 thousand militants, declared in the occupied territories of the Caliphate and aims to continue to expand their purchases.

United front against IG no: in coalition with groups fighting government forces in Syria and Iraq, Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. In the fighting, several thousand civilians were killed, hundreds of thousands became refugees and several thousand hostages IG


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