EU may cancel visas for Ukrainians next year

Thu, 25.06.2015 18:07

Kiev/ Ukraine in arabic/ The EU may cancel visas for citizens of Ukraine in 2016, the representative of Ukraine to the EU, Ambassador Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, said in an interview with Radio Liberty on Thursday.

"Situation looks quite positive and encouraging. I would like to confirm once again that the abolition of visas for the citizens of Ukraine is a very real possibility already in 2016. Moreover, we almost know the month when it can happen, but I would not like to get ahead of myself," he said.

According to Yelisieiev, Ukraine may expect quick results only if Ukrainian ministries and agencies accelerate the implementation of a number of specific criteria under the Action Plan on a visa-free regime.

"The key point that has been recently achieved is that we eliminated all political obstacles from the EU towards visa liberalization. This is very important!" he said.  


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