Erdogan responds to accusations of Russian propaganda regarding Ukrainian greeting

Wed, 05.02.2020 13:43

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan responded to the accusations of Russian propagandists over the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” Before the guard of honor in Kiev. Recall that on February 3 he visited the capital of Ukraine, and later explained that it was a “usual greeting”.

“This is an official greeting in Ukraine. Is not Ukraine a free country? Each president, arriving in Ukraine on an official visit, uses this greeting, ”Erdogan told reporters accompanying him in the presidential liner on the way back from the Ukrainian capital.

According to him, the Turkish authorities will not pay attention to the attitude of foreigners to the greeting of Merhaba Asker! (“Hello, soldier.” - translation), “therefore, you should not pay special attention to such things,” the head of the Turkish state believes, the Sabah newspaper reports today, February 4.

Recall that during the welcoming ceremony in Kiev, the Turkish leader greeted the guard of honor in Ukrainian. This happened during a meeting near the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev, and the footage was posted on YouTube.

During the meeting, the anthems of Ukraine and Turkey were played, after which Erdogan went to the microphone, which stood in front of the guard of honor, and greeted the slogan: “Glory to Ukraine!”, Which Russian propagandists associate exclusively with the UPA. In response to this, the Ukrainian military shouted a response cry from the guard of honor, as it should be in such cases: “Glory to the heroes!”

Source: EADaily

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