Elections in Cyprus, expected the second round of elections

Mon, 20.04.2015 21:03

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The first round was held on Sunday, April 19. But more than 50% of the votes, no one scored. Therefore, the leader of the Turks living on the island of Cyprus, will choose in the second round.

The second round of elections is scheduled for April 26.

The voting results of the First round of the elections: the Current leader Dervis Eroglu, representing the party of National unity, scored just over 28%. Mustafa Akinci independent candidate, received 27% of votes.

According to TV channel euronews, many residents of Nicosia (the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and the partially recognized the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) consider the results of the voting, the results of which Mustafa Akinci and Dervis Eroglu will meet in the second round, as a signal about the willingness of the people to change. People are very hopeful that finally comes the long-awaited reconciliation and peace here.

The special Advisor of UN on Cyprus said recently that he sees no obstacles for an early resumption of consultations on the completion of the electoral cycle in the North.


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