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Mon, 20.07.2015 19:53

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ On July 17, the Muslims of Ukraine, celebrated the end of Ramadan - Eid al-Fitr (Uraza-Bayram). Hundreds of thousands of the faithful throughout Ukraine today early in the morning came in mosques and prayer houses, to make a compulsory gala morning prayer.

Not the exception and Muslims in the Ukrainian capital. Kyiv places of the greatest congestion of the followers of Islam are: Kiev mosque Ar-Rahma" Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine (the DUMU), and the Islamic cultural centre of "Alraid".

The mosque Ar-Rahma" was attended by over three thousand believers. After the prayer, the mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Tamim gave the congregation a festive sermon.In his speech the head of the DUMU urged Muslims to do good, despite the end of Ramadan, and to be an example to other citizens of the Ukrainian society.

Ahmed Tamim wished Ukraine and the Ukrainian people speedy establishment of peace, stability and security. Also Sheikh Tamim urged Muslims to sacrifice in favour of refugees and displaced persons from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

Note that while the adults prayed and listened to the sermon, the children were in the nursery, where they had the opportunity to paint, play, watch cartoons, and eat slodkie treats.

The mosque was organized a fair where visitors could purchase religious books, traditional dishes from different cuisines, Souvenirs and spices, and for women a wide selection of dresses and shawls and more. Note that all proceeds will be directed to the development of the DUMU

{source} "Ukraine in Arabic"

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