Egyptian who killed coptic shopkeeper sentenced to death

Thu, 09.03.2017 16:58

A court in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria sentenced a man to death after he stabbed a Coptic liquor store owner to death.

During the court hearing, the defendant, Adel Aboul Nour Suleiman, admitted killing his Coptic “friend” outside his shop in January.

The killer had previously threatened his victim to stop selling alcohol or face possible death.

The accident occurred after the defendant pulled out a knife he was hiding and stabbed his victim to death.

The defendant conceived that his act was based on a number of fatwas issued by extremist clerics, who order the killing of alcohol sellers.

The killer was bristle on his stance that the Coptic man deserved to be killed for selling alcohol.

He added that he is proud of committing such crime. 

Source: Al Arabiya

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