Egypt prepares for the fight against "Islamic state"

Sun, 08.03.2015 21:52

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ According to the portal walla, President Abdel-Fattah Sisi ordered the transfer of selected units from the Sinai Peninsula in the West to the Libyan border.  According to Israeli military sources, the best Egyptian part derived now from the area of Philadelphia corridor and from positions between Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed.

Such maneuvers are seriously troubled Israel, which believes that without a serious force the Egyptian military in Sinai pretty comfortable feel jihadists.

As a result, Israel may face serious problems in the field of border security. Also in tel Aviv is not like that will stop the struggle of the Egyptian army with the tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

Since mid-February, Egypt unilaterally declared war on the militants IG in Libya, after they were executed 21 business an Egyptian COPT.

After that Cairo has conducted several aerial bombardment position of the Islamists in Libya.

SourceUmma Inform

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