Heads of Azerbaijani and Chechen diasporas joined the Council of the interethnic consent under Kiev International University

Sat, 16.08.2014 23:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ The leader of The International Union public organization (IU) Daniil Goncharov (also the President of the Ukrainian Diaspora of the Chechen people organization) and head of the Joint Congress of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis Rovshan Tagiyev became the members of Council of the interethnic consent under the Cabinet.

At the end of last week on the initiative of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk   first constituent meeting of the Council was carried out in Kiev. The membership and four working groups: the institutional, legislative, resource provision and the European dimension of ethnic policy were approved at the meeting.

Basing on the results of the meeting, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexander Sych said that none of the minorities, even the most numerous, can pretend to some advantage. "At the same time, each of them will be entitled to a full national and cultural expression. I mean language, culture, social security, etc. This is a common position of all the members of the Council", he told.

According to Alexander Sych, the commissioner of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine by ethno-national politics Gennady Druzenko, representatives of the Ministries of Culture, Education, Social Policy, Foreign Affairs, ethnic policy experts, scientists and specialists also became the members of the Council.

The Council also includes representatives of all the communities and delegates of the four associations of national minorities.

The representatives of the International Union regularly take part in activities aimed at the protection and promotion of the rights of national minorities in the Ukrainian society. The organization aims to create favorable conditions for representatives of different nationalities, cultures and religions in Ukraine.


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