Police detained dozens after massive shootout in suburb of Kyiv

Fri, 29.05.2020 13:52

About a hundred perpetrators Friday morning were involved in a shootout at a shuttle bus parking lot in the town of Brovary just outside Kyiv.

Eyewitnesses reported dozens of shots fired at the site in what is alleged to be a showdown between rivaling groups competing for control of lucrative bus routes to Kyiv. Police arrived shortly after the incident broke out, detaining 10 armed men involved in the showdown, speaker for the Kyiv Region PD, Vitalia Hrokholska, told Ukrainian Pravda.

At least three persons involved in the shootout were wounded, said deputy interior minister Anton Gerashchenko, who added that the clash was a result of non-transparent distribution of licenses for commuter bus operators on the part of Kyiv region officials.

None of the detainees turned out to be local. Eyewitnesses posted videos on social networks showing a large group of armed men firing shotguns and carbines.

Source: UNIAN

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