Death toll rises in Indonesia 'quake, with dozens feared trapped

Thu, 08.12.2016 03:57

The Indonesian Army says the death toll in Wednesday morning’s (December 7) earthquake has risen to at least 97, but more bodies are likely to be found under the rubble.

Search and rescue operations are underway in the badly-hit Aceh province after a magnitude 6.5 tremor struck just off the north-east coast of Sumatra island.

Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, said he’d instructed his chief of staff to visit the area.

“This morning I received the report (about the earthquake) and I’ve already ordered all agencies to take action according to their authority.”

There is no risk of a tsunami, according to the national meteorological agency.

However, a state of emergency has been declared in Aceh, where dozens of residents remain missing.

Hundreds of people were injured in the quake, at least 70 seriously.

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