Congress votes for defense assistance to Ukraine

Fri, 20.09.2019 16:45

The lower house of the U.S. Congress on Thursday passed legislation providing $250 million in defense assistance to Ukraine after the end of the current fiscal year in the United States, according to Defense News.

"The U.S. House on Thursday passed legislation to make sure Ukraine can spend $250 million in military aid after White House delayed it this summer," the statement said.

The language was among provisions tacked to a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown through November 21 to buy more time for Congress's spending negotiations. The Senate is expected to take up and pass the stopgap spending bill as-is next week.

The bill would extend for another year funding for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative that would otherwise expire after September 30.

"The White House released the aid last week under pressure from lawmakers who said Ukraine needed to help in its ongoing conflict with Russian-backed separatists ― though lawmakers expressed fears Kyiv would not have enough time to spend the money," the statement reads.

ٍSource: Ukrinform

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