Chechen diaspora transferred the humanitarian aid to refugees

Wed, 10.09.2014 23:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On September 11, the humanitarian aid was transferred to refugees from the Eastern Ukraine and Crimea at the Puscha-Voditsa in the Dzherelo pension, who are currently live there. This assistance is intended for more than 500 people with a total value of more than 200 thousand hryvnia. A humanitarian aid has been gathered by The Diaspora of the Chechen people.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the Board of The Diaspora of the Chechen people Salman Sadayev, the head of the Kiev’s office of The Diaspora Arbi Kaimov and the representatives of media and The Shpytal Maydany Rehabilitation Center.

Despite the fact that The Diaspora usually deals only with Ukrainian Chechens but at such difficult situation they cannot stick Ukrainians in trouble.

"How could we stay away? 20 years ago we were in the same situation; it was a war in our country, a lot of people became homeless, we were refugees.We came to Ukraine and its people hosted and helped us. This country became our second home", said Kaimov.

The food, warm cloth, shoes and basic necessities such as personal hygiene items and diapers for babies was brought by three trucks. Also there were toys for children.

Salman Sadayev said that collection of aid took only a few days. "Representatives of the Chechen diaspora gladly agreed to help the victims of the hostilities in the Donbass", he said. Sadaev also stressed that this is not a one-time campaign. In future, The Diaspora will continue to support refugees.

The head of the camp Zinoviy Dapilko said that aid comes regularly from different sources such as non-governmental organizations, volunteers and private persons. "The humanitarian aid from The Chechen Diaspora was unexpected but very joyful and hopeful.

As Dopilko said, The Diaspora of the Chechen people showed that, regardless of nationality, Ukrainians is single, indivisible and fraternal nation.


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