Boryspil airport increased passenger traffic by 7 times

Sat, 08.08.2020 13:53

Boryspil Airport in July 2020 increased passenger traffic almost 7 times compared to June to 328.7 thousand people.

This was reported by avianews.com with reference to the press service of the company.

It is reported that this happened against the background of a gradual increase in the number of scheduled and charter flights from Kiev to both domestic and international destinations. Flights with tourists resumed in Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Montenegro and Croatia.

"However, compared to July 2019, the drop in passenger traffic at Boryspil airport was 79.8%.

In July 2020, 284.9 thousand people used international flights, and 43.8 thousand people used domestic flights, which is 81.2% and 60.4% less than in July 2019, ”the statement reads.

For comparison, the international passenger traffic in June 2020 at Boryspil airport amounted to 39.1 thousand people, domestic - 9.3 thousand people.

The number of flights for 7 months of 2020 at Boryspil Airport amounted to 25,370, which is 59.1% less than for the same period last year. 21,776 flights were international (-59.9%), 3,594 flights were domestic (-53.6%).

Source: Ukr Pravda

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