Boris Nemtsov russian opposition politic was killed in Moscow

Sat, 28.02.2015 19:41

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ In politics a shot at least seven times from a passing car. Goal reached four bullets. Moscow police are several versions of the murder: from political motives to personal dislike.

Boris Nemtsov is known as the main critic of Putin's policies in Russia, and domestic policy considered him a friend of Ukraine.

The motive. Yesterday he spoke about the annexation of the Crimea. And according to a posting on the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, considering several versions of the assassination of an opposition politician.

"At the moment the investigation is considering several versions: murder as a provocation to destabilize the political situation in the country, and the figure Nemtsov could become a kind of sacred sacrifice for those who are not above using any means to achieve their political goals.

Thoroughly and also the version associated with the Islamic extremist followed. The fact that investigators have information that the Germans had received threats in connection with his position regarding the shooting of journalists of the magazine "Sharlee Abdo" in Paris. In addition, checks the version associated with the domestic events," the statement said.

Also discusses "version associated with commercial activities Nemtsov and personal dislike to him, and also other household versions.

Dissatisfaction of the authorities in opposition political activities murdered among these versions do not. Also in the UK stressed that the crime was carefully planned

"The organizers and perpetrators of this crime were aware of the proposed route (Nemtsov - ed)", - stated in the message.

On the Maidan is an action in memory of Boris Nemtsov: Ukrainians urged the Kremlin to stop to destroy opponents
Decided to get together exactly on the main square of Kiev, because in his time the Germans repeatedly visited here during the Orange revolution and the revolution of dignity. According to channel 5, flowers and candles are Ukrainians on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv photos Nemtsov. Thus they pay tribute to the fallen Russian opposition.  The action was organized through social networks. Decided to get it on the main square of Kiev, because in his time the Germans repeatedly visited here during the Orange revolution and the revolution of dignity and supported activists.


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