Bahrain will complain in UN against Qatar

Wed, 23.08.2017 10:51

Bahrain will file official complaints to the United Nations Security Council and the International Criminal Court against Qatar, according to Bahrain’s first deputy speaker, Ali al-Aradi.

Aradi on Tuesday told Al Arabiya News Panorama program that the kingdom will organize a committee to compile and document Qatar’s violations against Bahrain. He added that the complaints to the UN and ICC will be based on the fact that Qatar has violated the UN charter and committed “fourth generation warfare crimes”.

Fourth generation warfare is a concept of warfare that is decentralized, utilizes terrorism as a tactic and relies on media manipulation.

In his statements to Al Arabiya, al-Aradi said that Doha had interfered in the affairs of Bahrain and has supported terrorism.

He further noted that Qatar has supported terror groups such as Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the region as part of its foreign policy agenda.

Recently Bahraini TV broadcast a documentary entitled the “Academy of Destruction” that shed light on the work of the Academy of Change which Doha backs and aired confessions that Doha wanted to topple the regime in Bahrain.

According to the aired confessions, figures who were embraced by the academy were sent to Manama to execute the Qatari goal to spread incitement and chaos to topple the regime in Bahrain.

The Academy of Change is headed by Hisham Morsy, the son-in-law of Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is on the black list issued by the four countries which boycotted Qatar.

Source: Al Arabiya

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