At the place of Brussel teract was unveiled monument

Wed, 22.03.2017 14:15

The ceremony of unveiling of a bronze monument in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack at the airport on March 22, 2016, which killed 32 people and injured more than 320, was held in Brussel. It was attended by Belgian King Philip, Queen Mathilde, representatives of the federal government of Belgium and city authorities.

"We now have a place of sorrow where we can pay tribute to the memory of those who died." "Recalling the bravery of airport passengers and rescue services on this terrible day," - said the mayor of Brussels, Ivan Mayer.

A minute of silence were abided in the departure hall of the Brussels airport, where exactly one year ago at 07:58 local time thundered two explosions. Inside the hall on a specially fenced space under the memorial tablet there are a lot of white and red flowers.

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Source: express.co.uk

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