Asian man tried to carry 115 capsules with drugs through UAE airport

Mon, 10.04.2017 13:53

An Asian man was arrested recently at Ras Al Khaimah International Airport for smuggling in 115 drug capsules concealed inside his stomach.

Customs officials identified the suspect as M.G.

Brigadier Dr Mohammad Al Mahrazi, Director General of the Ras Al Khaimah Customs Department, said that inspectors were suspicious after reading the suspect’s body language at the airport.

The suspect was reported to have shown symptoms of fatigue, sweating and confusion, which according to officials, is a sign of carrying narcotic substances in the abdomen.

In a statement, Brig Al Mahrazi said: “Our staff are highly specialised in reading a person’s body language, and are trained in inspection techniques and the use of advanced screening devices to detect illicit drugs and smugglers.”

Officers from the airport’s department of drug control then carried out a thorough examination and discovered 115 narcotic capsules in the suspect’s bowels.

The suspect was subsequently referred to the public prosecution.

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Source: Gulf News

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