Ashton Carter : Russia regains zones of political influence

Mon, 22.06.2015 16:35

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Pentagon chief: US will not permit the return of the Soviet past. The U.S. and its allies will not allow the Kremlin to drop them in the past, the Minister added.

The US does not want to the cold war with Russia, not to mention hot," said Ashton Carter.

Speaking in Berlin, Carter said that the NATO allies are ready to improve relations with Moscow, but the decision needs to take it to the Kremlin.

"We do not aspire to the cold war with Russia, not to mention hot. We do not seek to make Russia our enemy. But no doubt, we are ready to defend our allies and international laws", - said the head of the Pentagon.

During the visit, which runs from 22 to 26 June, Carter will visit Germany, Estonia and Belgium to discuss, in particular, calls from Russia, reported earlier by the Pentagon.

 Earlier, Carter said the United States and its NATO allies expect that the tension in relations with Russia will remain for a long time.


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