Artists of Ukraine opposed the reduction of expenditures on culture

Sat, 28.03.2020 12:40

Ukraine's first online rally in defense of Ukrainian culture took place. During the quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus and in view of the ban on public mass actions, culture, art, publishers and journalists called for an online rally demanding that the government stop cutting funding for various sectors of Ukrainian culture. The organizers of the rally - Ukrainian Film Academy and Derzhkino - through social networks asked participants to join the action by writing posters "No - Destroying Culture!" and ask questions and speak through a moderator.

“The Ministry of Finance plans to cut funding for all activities of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. In particular, they want to deprive Derzhkino, the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, the Book Institute, tourism and so on.

This will mean a complete collapse of Ukrainian culture and the destruction of not only the achievements we have now, but all future ones.

In this situation we cannot remain silent. Even now, in quarantine, we have to show that there are many of us and we will not allow the destruction of Ukrainian culture, ”the organizers wrote in their call.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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