Art painting exhibition from Arabic and Ukrainian artists was held in Odessa

Wed, 22.04.2015 14:21

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The exhibition presents more than 80 paintings by artists from different countries such as: USA, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Ukraine.

The event was attended by: representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the city and regional administrations, religious leaders, international organizations, and representatives of diasporas and national minorities of Ukraine.

The exhibition was opened by welcoming speech of the President of the Congress of the Shield Daguerre Saleh Muhammad. The moderator of the art exhibition "The sand" was the artist from United States Fadel Ayub.

Interestingly, many of the representative of diasporas and national minorities came to the exhibition in national costumes prepared with numbers. Guests of the exhibition was pleasantly pleased with choirs from Georgia, Africa, China, Ukraine, which emphasized the spirit of internationalism and tolerance.

The event atmosphere was warm and friendly. Guests had the opportunity to see not only paintings, but also to communicate with artists. For participants and guests of the exhibition was organized buffet.

The organizers announced that a series of such exhibitions would be conducted by units of the Congress of the Shield in the other stranach.

SourceIP "Ukraine in Arabic"

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