Arrested 10 young people in Canada, they are suspected of join to ISIS

Wed, 20.05.2015 18:05

Kiev/ Ukraine in arabic/ Canadian Police reports the arrest in Montreal airport 10 young people who are suspected of intending to join the militants of the "Islamic state" (IG) in Iraq and Syria. The arrests took place over the weekend.

According to the police, the prosecution has not been arrested, under investigation, reports the BBC. In April a similar suspicion in the canadian province of Quebec were arrested two young men. Another man was arrested in March.

In parallel, the authorities of Canada, which takes part in the bombing of is positions in Syria, reported that seven young people were able to leave the country to join the militants.

Earlier, great Britain had announced the detention of its citizens intending to join the ranks of militants in Syria and Iraq. There were further cases of escape of Schoolgirls and families.

SourceBBC, Umma Inform

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