Argentina investigates plane crash the reality show filming

Thu, 12.03.2015 16:10

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ In France, the death of fellow citizens, among them well - known and popular athletes was shocking and mourning news.

Recall that in Argentina has been the greatest tragedy in the history of reality television shows.

March 9, in the northwestern province of La Rioja in the national Park “Talampaya” in the sky faced two helicopters, which were the participants and crew extreme show Dropped, produced for the French TV station TF1.

One of the helicopters immediately exploded, the second lost control and fell from a height of 100 meters. The reasons are still unclear - at least, it is reported that the weather conditions at the time of the tragedy favored flights.

Published online Amateur record, it is clear that at some point the helicopter too close to each other, after which the disaster occurred. So far, the major version is pilot error.

Participants of the show were in the helicopter with a blindfold. According to the scenario, players must have been planted in the wilderness, to those within 72 hours of taking the opportunity to charge mobile phone


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