Arabic iftar was organized in the Kiev’s mosque Ar-Rahma

Wed, 09.07.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ On Tuesday, 8 of July an iftar was conducted by Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU) and a public organization Arab House.

As usual there were many people from different races, nationalities and even religions (the mosque's door is open to non-Muslims also). The event was attended by representatives of the Arab diaspora in Ukraine, Palestinian Ambassador in Ukraine Mohammad Al-Asaad and members of the Palestinian diplomatic mission. This breaking fast dinner differed from others in Arabic dishes the guests were treated by.

"For today's feast we have cooked traditional Arabian rice, soup with beans, tortillas, and a milk soufflé for dessert. Also it will be a lot of fruits at the table. The most important that all dishes were prepared with a special love. This is our main secret", - a chef of local cuisine Muafak, who had arrived to Ukraine 8 year ago escaping from the war in Iraq, said.

"Today’s iftar gathered a lot of Muslims. And we’re very glad about that. I hope every day the mosque Ar-Rahma will host more and more co-religionists for joint prayer and repast", - a head of Arab House Salah Zakut said.

Another representative of this organization, Said Salam, noted that Arab House for several years has been carrying out joint iftars with DUMU. "This is a great opportunity to bring Muslims together for a prayer, breaking fast and communication. I believe that many of us pray for peace in Gaza Strip. Also we are very concerned about the current events in Ukraine. I wish everybody faith, patience and understanding", - Said Salam said.

The representative of the DUMU Sheikh Rustam Gafuri, speaking about passed event, noted that there were different people gathered around one table. "A lot of people is getting acquainted with Islam, East and Easter cuisine. It is very important for Muslims to unite in the name of good. I would like to wish all Muslims observing a fast and peace of mind and all Ukrainians – goodness and peacefulness", says Gafuri.


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