Appeared photo of policeman, who prevented entering of suicide bomber to church

Mon, 10.04.2017 12:26

Imad al-Rekaibi is being hailed a hero online for apparently stopping the attacker entering St Mark's Chrurch in Alexandria, which was packed with worshippers for Palm Sunday. 

The terrorist instead detonated his bomb vest outside the building, killing Mr Rekaibi.

As word spread of the police officer's actions, social media users have praised him for giving his life to prevent even more people from almost certain death. 

Muhaned Seloom, a policy analyst from London specialising in Middle East ethno-sectarian conflicts, tweeted a picture of Mr Rekaibi and wrote: "Hero Police Officer (Major) Imad al-Rekaibi killed while preventing suicide bomber from entering the church in Alexandria."

Jenan Moussa, a reporter for Al Aan TV, also tweeted the image and said: "This is the Egyptian policeman who prevented suicide bomber from entering Alexandria church. 

"Sadly he died but saved many lives."

A total of 17 people, including Mr Rekaibi, have been confirmed dead in the blast, the Minstry for Health has said. The injury toll stands at 48.

It brings the combined death toll from the Tanta and Alexandria attacks to 44 so far. 

Earlier an explosion inside St George's church in the town of Tanta killed at least 27, injuring 78. 

ISIS has claimed repsonsibility for both explosions. 

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Source: express.co.uk

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